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Monday Motivation

For all you "Monday starters," this is the ultimate Monday. The Monday above all other Mondays! If ever you were to pick a day to start fresh, today is the perfect day!


Not only is it Monday, but it is the first of the month. There are no more excuses. Today is the day. Get up, get dressed, and get started!


Whatever your goals may be, we have the plan to help you succeed. Our Spring Cleaning Challenge is going on right now and it is the ultimate plan to clean up your life, start anew, and get rid of all the "junk" that keeps you from living out your dreams! Imagine a life without all the clutter, the stress, the mess, the bad habits that hold you down. A simple life that replaces negativity with joy, develops a healthy relationship with food, and encourages value or excess. 

It is Monday. Your clutter-free life begins today.


Click here to join our Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring is officially here! As temperatures rise and melt the last reminders of cold weather, animals awaken from their winter slumber, and new life emerges from the frozen ground. 'Tis the season to get a fresh start and rejuvenate our lives, both inside and out. 

happiness quote.png


While you never had to force this Florida girl to enjoy a little rest and relaxation on the beach during Spring Break, I do tend to put off another springtime essential- Spring Cleaning! It wasn't until I was older that I understood why my mother would use her few days off from teaching to organize and deep clean the house. Decluttering does more than tidy up your home, it clears your mind. Clutter is toxic, it is disorganized, unused, unfinished. Now is the time to let go and clear the way for a better you, to simplify our lives, and make room for the things that are truly important!

It is time to clear the junk, to clean up your home, mind, and body. Join us as we take on the Spring Cleaning Challenge!


The challenge takes you room by room. Try not to get distracted and clean the entire room before moving on to the next. Is it broke? Toss it. Haven't used it? Donate it. We are going to clean every nook and cranny, remove the clutter, and organize our homes, and ultimately, our lives.


As we declutter our homes, we will also clear our minds. Throughout the challenge, you will be required to take personal days. Days to remove the negative thoughts that overwhelm us, cause anxiety, and unhealthy stress. You can take a bath, read a book, meditate, watch the sunset, relax on the beach, crotchet, pray, get a massage, it is your day to do whatever makes you happy. It is imperative that you do not skip this day. You will always be busy, but on this day, the most important thing you can do is relax. 


A total clean up would not be complete without addressing our physical health. Sedentary lifestyles coupled with an unhealthy consumption of junk food are a recipe for disaster. During our challenge, we will dispose of our bad habits and adopt new routines that contribute to the betterment of our lives.

Are you ready for a fresh start? Me too. Here we go!

Have Patience

Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow.
— Leo Tolstoy

Four months and eleven days. 

Patience quote.png

In some delusional dream of mine, I assumed I would be one of those supermoms who was shimmying into her favorite pair of jeans within a few weeks. Delusional was right! I did everything by the book- working out, eating healthy, breastfeeding- and sure, a good chunk of the weight came off. But, somehow in all of the books and articles and blogs I read, no one mentioned the saggy skin, pelvic pain, muscular imbalances, and general bloating that I would experience. 

So, I worked. Then, I worked harder. Finally, I was forced to step back and reevaluate my goals. Hitting some "magic" number on the scale was no longer my priority. I needed to address my body first. It had been through nearly ten months of drastic changes followed by the trauma of giving birth (no amount of preparation gets you ready for that kind of pain!) I stretched, foam rolled, took massaging baths (thank you hubby for watching the baby!) and worked toward my new, and more realistic, goals. 

Four months and eleven days later, I am proud to say, I can do a squat without any pain and zip up my jeans without having to decide whether to squish my loose skin inside or leave it hanging out on top ☺ 

Not exactly Heidi Klum walking the runway at six weeks postpartum but, I am genuinely happy with my progress. Sometimes things take time. Sometimes, they take a lot of time! This is when patience will make you or break you. There were many moments I would look in the mirror and be consumed with doubt, moments I would cry during a workout because a skill that was once easy was now seemingly impossible. Moments I was frustrated. Moments I wanted to quit. Being patient is hard! 

Patience is a virtue, Rome was not built in a day, and good things come to those who wait. Keep working toward your goal, but give it time. Your patience will pay off in the end.


In just 15 minutes, "Dumbbell Duos" improves strength, endurance, and core stability! Give it a try today.





What Will You Bring?

What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.
— Vern McLellan

Today marks the beginning of a new book. A blank page ready to be filled with great adventures, twists and turns, and a hero who lives happily ever after!

In reality, it takes more than pen and paper to achieve our dreams. We must go out and live them! We must put forth a valiant effort in everything that we do. We must fight our demons and climb over each obstacle that stands in our way. 

What will you bring to the New Year?

New Year Quote.jpg

I am a firm believer in goal-setting. It is important to determine your biggest dreams and desires. Write them down, shout them from your rooftop, but do not forget to put them into action. New Year's resolutions are often forgotten as quickly as they are established. It is up to you to bring your very best! Bring your hard work, your perseverance, your optimism, and your passion. Get up early, read often, take care of your mental well-being, clear your head of negativity, workout, eat healthy, and sleep well. You have the chance to be the hero of your story. Ultimately, your success depends on you and what you bring to the New Year.


Some of the most popular resolutions are to lose weight, adapt a more healthy lifestyle, and to begin working out. No need to join a gym or spend money on the latest fitness gadgets and weight loss diets. We are here to help with over 100 workout videos (and more to come), motivational blogs, and monthly fitness challenges. Join us this year and make all your fitness dreams come true! You GET what you GIVE!

"Countdown to a New Year" is the perfect workout to kick start your New Year's resolutions! 



Fall Fitness Challenge- Week 4

Our final week is here!

Whether you followed our holiday tips or overdid it on the turkey and stuffing, we are going to finish off this challenge with the best week yet! Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it is more important than ever to continue making healthy choices and staying physically active. Remember the 80/20 rule. A diet full of fruits and veggies can also have Christmas cookies! Just be aware of your portions. Keep getting in your daily recommended water intake and be sure to include some sort of workout everyday- even if it is just taking an evening walk to admire the neighbor's Christmas lights. Happy Holidays everyone!

How have you been doing on the workouts? Getting them all in or finding reasons to skip out? Well, no more excuses. This week's workout can be done in your pajamas without even getting out of bed! Wishes do come true.

You GET what you GIVE!


Fall Fitness Challenge- Week 3

The week of Thanksgiving is always a tough week to stay on track with your fitness goals. Luckily for you, we have the perfect plan to keep the weight off while still enjoying your mom's famous pumpkin pie! 


  • rGet your sweat on- Now is not the time to get lazy on your fitness routine, if anything, you should pick up the pace! Remember to do your Home Workout Challenge at least 3-4x during the week, and an active rest activity (walking, biking, swimming) on the other days.

  • Drink up- Sorry, I am not talking about martinis, but water. Aim for half your body weight in ounces. So if you are 140 pounds, you should drink at least 70 ounces or about 4 bottles of water. With all the high fat, high calorie food coming your way, your body needs to be hydrated to keep things moving!

  • Rise and shine (and eat)- Do not skip breakfast in order to cut back on calories. Doing so will only lead to pigging out later. Instead, have a nutritious breakfast that is packed with protein and includes a serving of fruits and vegetables. 


  • Out of sight, out of mind- Fill your Thanksgiving table with centerpieces, not food. While a beautiful bird is the highlight of the meal, it is better to keep it out of reach. If you insist on serving the food at the table, bring it to the kitchen after everyone has filled their plates. You will have to make a conscious decision to get up from the table for seconds.

  • Enjoy the company- I miss sharing the piano bench with my cousin, I miss Grandma's Swedish prayers, and I miss my family who has gone to be with the Lord. You can always eat food, but time spent with family and friends is priceless. Savor the moments. 

  • Nibble, nibble, nibble- Grandma's pecan pie, your Aunt's fudge brownies, and Mom's Christmas cookies are not to be missed! Rather than stuffing your face until you are too ill to continue, get a tiny slice or bite of each and enjoy them all without the guilt! 

  • Choose leftovers over seconds- Turkey sandwiches are the best! You don't have to finish up the casserole dish at the table. Saving some for later will keep you from overeating in one sitting and allow you to continue the food festivities later on. Or even better, send the leftovers home with your guests. 

  • Start a new tradition- Before everyone goes into a turkey coma in front of the TV, get outside for a football game of your own! If sports aren't your thing, go for a walk, try a game of corn hole, or if the weather permits, build a snowman! 



Our latest "Home Workout Challenge" takes only 20 minutes. Grab a chair and go!



Fall Fitness Challenge- Week 2

My sincerest apologies for the late post! This past weekend, I was honored to coach with the top coaches of the country at the Peak Performance Training Camp. However, in all my excitement, I completely forgot to bring my computer. So, without further ado, let us get on with week two of our Fall Fitness Challenge!

If you are new to our challenge, click HERE to get started. This week, I want you to continue to track your meals and keep those simple grab-n-go healthy snacks in your fridge. Make sure you are reaching your recommended daily water intake. Sometimes the feeling of hunger is actually dehydration! 

In addition, it is time to take a closer look at your diet. Let me start with this- there is no perfect diet. Fad diets constantly come and go and always call for some sort of ridiculous exclusion of important foods. Many of these diets work for a little while because they require calorie restrictions, however, it is very difficult to adhere to these diets for the long haul. The best diet is the one you can stick to and enjoy. While you can not eat brownies and ice cream all day, there are some easy ways to tweak your diet without completely eliminating your favorite foods.

  • Calorie restriction3500 calories equals one pound. So, if you would like to lose weight, a moderate restriction of 500 calories per day would equate to losing one pound a week. 
  • Increase your protein intake. Most likely, you are not getting enough protein. You should aim for 0.8-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. For example, a 150 pound person should consume anywhere from 120-150 grams of protein per day. 
  • Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your daily caloric intake should be healthy, nutritious food full of good-for-you nutrients (think lean meats and vegetables). The remaining 20% can include your favorite foods that may not be the healthiest choices (think chocolate chip cookies). By allowing for a small amount (no, you can not have the entire bag) of your guilty pleasures, you will prevent binge eating and help with diet adherence.

Now, for the fun stuff! Our workout for this week is my new favorite workout! It only takes about 20 minutes and works you from head to toe. I have a feeling you are going to love it too. Remember to perform the workout 3-4x this week and then choose an active rest activity, such as walking or swimming, for the remaining days.

You GET what you GIVE!


Grab a couple towels and get ready to burn some major calories!

Fall Fitness Challenge- Week 1

Welcome to our Fall Fitness Challenge!



For the next 4 weeks, we will be working out, developing nutritious habits, and creating a healthy lifestyle that will take you into the New Year and beyond!

Our workouts can all be done at home and use common household items for equipment. This week, we start with pillows!  Each workout is designed specifically to burn calories and build muscle in fun, creative ways. In 30 minutes (or less) you will strengthen your body from head to toe!

Before you begin, be sure to check out our preparation list to ensure you get the best out of the challenge. Click here.  


Week 1

  • Perform the "Home Workout Challenge" and bonus Burnout 3 or 4 times this week. 
  • Get 30 minutes of physical activity on the other days (walk, bike, swim, etc.)
  • Remember to track your calories and reach your recommended daily water intake.
  • Share your success with our MAX community! Post a picture of your nutritious (and delicious) dinner, a clip of you rocking the workout, or a motivational quote that gets you through the day!

Good luck and remember....You GET what you GIVE!




Fall Fitness Challenge

Just as we promised, our next fitness challenge is about to begin! 

Our latest challenge was inspired by our crazy busy lives with a newborn. Nowadays, there is a small window of opportunity to squeeze in a workout- between feedings, during naptime, when the other spouse is available to watch the baby. I know we are not the only ones who struggle to find time to workout. Thus, came the idea for our Fall Fitness Challenge. All the workouts use popular household items, can be completed in under 30 minutes, and are done in the comfort of your own home! 

The Fall Fitness Challenge officially begins next week, but we recommend you take this week to prepare and complete the following:

  • Enlist a friend (or group of friends) to join you in taking the challenge. There is strength in numbers! Having someone to motivate you and keep you on track will boost your chance of success.
  • Determine your daily water intake. The recommended amount is half your body weight in ounces. For example, a 160 pound adult should drink 80 ounces of water a day (or roughly 5 bottles of water). This does not include any additional waters needed to refuel after a workout. 
  • Get a food tracker. We use MyFitnessPal (iOS, Android, Windows) but there are tons of excellent apps available and most are free and simple to use. Tracking your food helps with portion control and cutting calories. You will be surprised how much sugar is in your seemingly "healthy" shake or how many calories are packed into your morning latte.



  • Stock up on grab and go snacks. There is a reason we reach for the potato chips or the jar of M&Ms instead of the oranges that need to be peeled or the apples that needs to be sliced- convenience. Fill your fridge with grapes, cheese sticks, pre-cut carrots, and single serve foods such as yogurt, cottage cheese, and applesauce. 
  • Take a "before" picture. Before you panic, I promise you do not have to share your photo. Visually tracking your progress is important. Sometimes the scale does not accurately represent your success, but a smaller stomach and lifted backside does!

We look forward to taking the challenge with you. Share the challenge with your friends and we will start next week!

 You GET what you GIVE!

A Workout For Every "BODY"

Over the years, I have had to adapt my training to fit my current situation.

Numerous ankle injuries resulting in casts, those fashionable medical boots, and restrictive braces, made me a pro at developing workouts to adapt to my immobilized appendage.

During the summer between middle and high school, I grew five inches and only gained five pounds. I was lanky, ungraceful, and had to seemingly relearn my sport to adapt to my new body.

Fast forward to my college years where sleepless nights and pizza delivery contributed to me gaining the "Freshman 15" and then some. I was a slow, lethargic, out of shape athlete trying to get back to normalcy, only to discover I could not just jump into my normal workout routine.

However, the greatest challenge was this past year. In the last 10 months, my body has been through hell and back, stretched beyond imagination, experienced indescribable pains, and somehow created a perfect 6 lb. 10 oz. miracle. I was determined to continue my fitness regimen throughout the pregnancy and early postpartum days, but sometimes my body had other plans. While some women are completing marathons throughout their prenatal days, I was forced to stop running at 20 weeks. Agonizing pelvic pain ruled out heavy strength training and a long labor, complete with stitches, resulted in barely surviving slow walks during those first few postpartum weeks. 

Workouts are just like food, with numerous possibilities available to you. Some people thrive on white rice while others avoid grains altogether. Many enjoy their meats while others are vegetarian.  If running is not your thing, try yoga. If you are a beginner, stick to the basics. Need a challenge? Try HIIT or join a new fitness class. Experiencing pain? Work on recovery or find exercises that are pain-free.  

There is no perfect workout. The best workout is the one that can be adapted to fit your needs. So, no more excuses. Whether in a gym or outside, using equipment or not, with a training partner or riding solo, go workout! Listen to your body and find the ideal workout for you. If you need a little help, we have over 100 workout videos available on out MAX Workouts page and a fitness challenge coming soon! 

You GET what you GIVE!

Two different stages in my life and two very different workouts. Choose your favorite and give it a try today!

The Importance of Mental Toughness- Part 2

Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.
— William A. Ward

The physical ability to become an Olympian takes countless hours in the gym and years of sacrifice. But beyond the training, beyond the intense workouts, beyond the seemingly impossible goals, there is a mental factor that separates the true champions from the rest. 

Matthias Steiner was a Austrian-German weightlifter who vowed more than just his unconditional love to his wife. Steiner promised her a gold medal in the Olympics. One year before the 2008 Games, his wife tragically died in a car accident. Pain and heartbreak consumed Steiner, he drastically lost weight, but he was determined to fulfill his promise.  

Coming into the 2008 Beijing Games, Steiner was not favored to win. In fact, during the final round, he was trailing behind some of the best lifters in the world. In order to win the gold, he needed to successfully lift 258 kg, nearly 30 pounds more than his personal best. He did it and captured the gold medal and the hearts of millions! Standing on the podium, he held up his gold medal along with a picture of his late wife. 

Adversity. It comes in a variety of forms and can strike at any time. It can break you down or build you up. Your choice.


So tough! This workout will have you questioning your physical ability to finish. Push through- we know you can do it!


The Importance of Mental Toughness

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
— Mahatma Gandhi

The Olympic Games have begun in Rio! For a little over two weeks, we are captivated by incredible victories, heart-warming back stories, painful defeats, and inspiring comebacks. We watch in awe as athletes run, jump, flip, and swim into our hearts. There is just something special about the Olympic Games and the athletes that have spent their entire lives preparing for this moment. We cheer with them, we cry with them, when they win, we win. No matter the final outcome, they are all champions to us. 

Beyond the obvious physical skills it takes to be an Olympian, there is a mental toughness that separates them from the rest. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the Olympic stage. As an athlete, I know how quickly everything can change. You can train for countless hours a day, everyday, for years, but you can not control everything. The pressure is there. The distractions are there. Can they handle it? Some can...and some can not. This is the Olympic Games and anything can happen.

Mental toughness. If you want any chance of being successful in life, you have to possess the indomitable will to handle the obstacles that will surely come your way. For the next few weeks, we will discuss how to develop this difficult, yet imperative attribute. For today, I will just begin with this extraordinary story...

On Friday night, the Opening Ceremonies brought to light one of the prime examples of what it means to be a true Olympian. Lighting the cauldron with the ceremonial Olympic torch, was a Brazilian gentleman by the name of Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima. He is a former Olympic marathon runner who made headlines during the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens. During the grueling race, Vanderlei was leading, when out of nowhere, he was attacked by a spectator. Seven crucial seconds went by before he was able to reenter the race.

With four miles remaining, he had to somehow shake off the traumatic event and cross the finish line. His pace had been abruptly interrupted, and while he was not physically hurt, he was undoubtedly mentally damaged. He could have easily given up. No one would blame him. He was cheated, it was unfair, and it impacted his lead. Two runners surpassed him after the attack and Vanderlei entered the arena for the final lap in the third place position. But instead of tears, there was a smile. Instead of despair, there was pure joy. He won the Olympic bronze medal that day, but in his eyes, it was as good as gold. Later on, Vanderlei was awarded the prestigious Pierre de Coubertin medal for the spirit of sportsmanship. 

No excuses. No complaining. Just a model example of mental toughness and the importance of knowing how to cope through a difficult situation. Thank you, Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima, you are an inspiration to us all.  


Looking for a workout that tests both your physical and mental toughness? Give this one a try!



Get Up, Get Inspired, and Get to Work!

Let me begin by apologizing for not blogging lately. I know there are countless women who have beautiful pregnancies full of unicorns and rainbows. I, on the other hand, have spent the last nine months wondering why in the world anyone would ever do this twice. I will spare you all the miserable details, but I have definitely struggled. I did manage to finish some tough continuing education classes these last few months, but mainly I have put all my dreams on hold and have just been trying to get through this life one day at a time. Me and my little pity party coping through the day. Pathetic, right?

Today, however, I have a different attitude. I feel inspired. Motivated. Determined. Today is not only the first of the month, but also a Monday. As a perpetual goal-setter, a day like this is a dream come true! It is just the nudge I needed to get out of this funk and back into my chasing dreams, kicking butt, bring it on, kind of life that I used to live. As my life is drastically different nowadays, so are my goals, but that does not make them any less important. 

Join me. Write down your goals. Do not hold back. Make sure you are dreaming big, being bold, and not afraid to try something new. Throughout our lives, our goals will constantly change. But, remember, they will always be important. 

So, get up, get inspired, and get to work. 

Our latest training video is perfect for all fitness levels and abilities! The exercises are tough, but pregnancy-safe, and can be done at home or in the gym.

You GET what you GIVE!

Why Do You Workout?

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy

There is a reason behind everything we do, whether we realize it or not.

My alarm clock reminds me every morning that I have to get up. Once I convince myself that the annoying sound disturbing my blissful sleep is not out to ruin my life, I get up and begin my day full of decisions. Choosing a quick donut for breakfast or taking the time to make eggs is a choice that will affect how I fuel my morning. Do I go to work or take a personal day and head to the beach? What do I wear? How fast do I drive? Seat belt on? Top down? Go out of my way to help out a stranger? Do a favor for a friend? 

Some decisions seem pretty straightforward. We do certain things for survival, self-improvement, security, and love. Others, take a little convincing. Maybe we know we should do it, but just can not muster the energy to get it done. Sometimes, we even do things for the wrong reason. Maybe we go to church out of obligation or we stay in an abusive relationship in hopes of brighter days ahead. Good or bad, everything we do has a reason. In the end, we have to make the conscience choice to get it done. 

The same relates to health and fitness. Everyday, you have to decide whether to workout or not. You must find value in squeezing time in your busy schedule to get your sweat on. Working out is tough. It takes motivation. So what motivates you? By acknowledging the reasons behind working out, we can remind and motivate ourselves to get it done!


A few years ago, my reasons for working out were shaped by the desire to win an upcoming competition. I worked out for the love of sport and the satisfaction I found in crushing PRs (personal records) and developing new skills. Nowadays, my reasons have changed. As my little miracle continues to grow inside of me, I head to the gym to benefit both the baby and me. My exercise routine has completely changed to accommodate my growing belly but I still find joy in a good, sweat-filled workout. 


My better half and favorite training partner, Steve, has an entirely different approach to workout motivation. His job depends on it. As a firefighter, his life and the lives of others are on the line as to whether he is capable of fulfilling his duty. 

With four knee replacements (yes, I said four!), my father has every excuse to skip out on his daily walks and trips to the gym. Yet, everyday, he chooses to ignore those pestering thoughts to ensure he lives a healthy life so can take care of his home, travel with his wife, be master of the grill, and play with his future grandchild. 

We all have our reasons. Is yours motivating enough or do you fight with yourself daily to workout? There are countless benefits to physical activity from prevention of disease, to improved body composition, to mental well-being, just to name a few. If that is not enough, how about doing it for those you love- for your spouse, your kids, your friends and family. Do it for you. Do it for them. Whatever your reason, just do it. 


Lacking motivation? We have the perfect workout for you! It only takes 24 minutes, requires no equipment, and works out your entire body. You GET what you GIVE!



Motivational Quotes by Walt Disney

Steve and I just returned from another wonderful weekend at Disney. When we step foot in the park, all the stresses of the world seem to melt away. Our imaginations run wild, we are carefree, fearless, and ready to make all of our dreams come true! The magic of Disney is real and it all was created by a man with a dream. 

Walt Disney was a visionary, an icon, and an inspiration to us all. Let us begin this week with the motivational words only he could provide. Here are some of my favorite quotes by Mr. Disney:


"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."


"All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me. You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you."

"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique."

"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality."

"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable."

It is time to make our fitness dream come true! Give this battle ropes workout a try today. It combines both strength and cardio into one amazing fat-blasting workout! 

The One Key To Success You Are Missing

Desire is the key to motivation, but it is determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal- commitment to excellence- that will enable you to attain the success you seek.
— Mario Andretti

We dream , we plan, we work, but yet somehow we always fall short of our goals? Why? The problem lies not with our desire to succeed, but in our pursuit towards success.

The first step in goal-setting is to create a goal. That is the easy part. We all can dream, long, yearn, and be consumed by the desire for success. I, myself, am a perpetual goal maker and it is very important to continually want to better yourself. But, unlike the fairy tales we grew up on, there is no genie in a lamp to grant our wishes, no fairy godmother to "bippity-boppity-boo" our dreams into reality, and no knight in shining armor to rescue us when things get tough. We have to work. Work really hard. We have to fail. Sometimes a lot. Most importantly, we have to COMMIT.

Commitment is the key to success. All the planning, the work, the hopes, the trials and errors, the sleepless nights, mean nothing if we give up. Sadly, we are a generation of quitters. We need instant gratification, quick results, with straight and easy paths to our goals. Why do you think the nutrition world sells millions in "miracle" weight loss pills and 3-day detoxes? We want it...and we want it now! 

Commitment takes relentless determination, no matter the obstacles that stand in our way. We can not be afraid to fail. In fact, we should be prepared for failure. Then, we can get back up and continue to strive for excellence!

Will it be easy? No.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Your pursuit towards success will be crowded with excuses. You will be too busy. You will have other priorities. You will be tired, distracted, maybe even scared. Your next move will be imperative. Will you quit, put it off, run away? Or will you commit to your goal? It is your choice. The key to success relies on you.


Ready to commit to a healthier you? Here are two great workout options to get you started!


With equipment- "Lift Up, Slim Down"





Without equipment- "Take A Seat"





Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.
— H.L. Hunt


It seems as we age our priorities change. Now, our days are filled with endless hours of work- house work, school work, office work. I wonder, however, if our priorities have really changed or if we have just lost the ambition to chase our dreams.

If we really want it, we can make time for it. We make time for work because we want to pay our bills and provide for our families. We make time for school because we want to achieve a degree and pursue a career.  So why are we unable to make time for ourselves? We push our hobbies to the side leaving scrapbooks unfinished and woodworking tools untouched. We hang up our athletic dreams, forgoing our gym memberships and watching our equipment collect dust. Our travel plans consist of liking photos on Facebook and following travel enthusiasts on Instagram. Read a book, take a nap, soak in the bathtub? Who has time for that nonsense?

You do.

Priorities are our decisions. We make the list of what is important to us. Take a good look at your list and see what needs to be changed. The world will not end if the dishes wait. The kids will survive if they eat a microwavable dinner. It is okay if you do not check your office email on the weekends. Priorities. Decide what is important to you and go get it. No more excuses. Make the time.

Our latest video "Rock that Body!" is an intense, full body workout filled with new moves that are guaranteed to push you to the limit! In addition, we have modifications for both beginners and those that are pregnant. Give it a try today!


Give and Take

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
— Jeremiah 29:11

The anticipation had built inside of us for weeks, and today was finally the day we would announce to the world that we were expecting. To add to the excitement, we were not expecting just one bundle of joy, but twins! One quick check-up at the doctor and we would release the good news...

But in an instant, everything changed. As we looked up at the ultrasound projected on the wall, we saw a bouncy baby wiggling its fingers and toes with a strong heartbeat. Then the picture moved and our excitement quickly turned to despair as we saw the lifeless baby. No wiggling. No heartbeat. Nothing. 

We were speechless. The doctor began to explain how this can sometimes happen and provided us with words of encouragement, but to be honest with you, I barely heard a word he said. I was just lost. Staring at the screen, hoping for a miracle. It is amazing how I fell deeply in love with someone I had not even met. 

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Sometimes, that is a hard concept to grasp. Why would He take away something so innocent and precious to us? I do not know, but I know there is a reason. He promises not to harm us, to give us hope, and a glorious future. Right now, that promise of hope is all we have to get us through the day. We are heartbroken by our loss and unsure of what our future holds.

Steve and I are accustomed to things not going our way. Tragedy seems to follow us, but in all the pain and suffering, our marriage continues to grow stronger. As we walked out of the doctor's office that day, he held my hand ever so tightly. I knew in that moment, he will never let me go, he will never leave my side. There is comfort in knowing someone is always there for you. I find joy in Steve through his unconditional love, I find peace in my family and friends through their kind words and encouragement, and I find hope in the Good Lord in knowing he has incredible plans for me. 

Give and take. It is part of life. One thing is for sure, we will have a beautiful baby waiting to greet us in heaven! We do not know what the future holds, but for now, we are delighted to announce that we are expecting. We are saddened by our loss, but are so truly happy for the miracle that continues to grow inside. Baby Hayes...arriving September 2016. 

Fit & Fabulous February Challenge is back!


Whether you are in full swing with your New Year's Resolutions or you have already given up, we are here to get you FIT and FABULOUS this month!

By popular demand, we have brought back our fitness challenge and we are excited to see and hear your results! You are just a click away from your best body ever! 



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Dream Big

A man’s dreams are an index to his greatness.
— Zadok Rabinowitz

Are your dreams big enough?

With the Powerball continuing to rise, it seems everyone has a plan for what they would do if they hit the jackpot! Quit their job, travel around the world, send their kids to an expensive college, pay off their debts, find a cure for cancer, buy a new house (or two), give it all to charity, and the list goes on and on! I love to hear the dreams and goals of others. It lets me know they are still striving for something better. It is even more fun to hear their biggest dreams, the ones that deep down they know will never happen, yet there is still this glimmer of hope in their eyes. 



I have always believed that if you could dream it, you could achieve it. Of course, winning the lottery would make our dreams happen overnight, but with continual hard work, a whole lot of dedication, and maybe even a dash of luck, anything can happen! Right? Or am I just a dreamer.

dream big.jpg

Maybe. But, I will continue to dream. I will continue to work. I will continue to reach for the stars and give everything I have got until I get there, for nothing is impossible. Keep that glimmer of hope and never let it fade away. We are hardwired for success and made to accomplish big things, do not let a little doubt dull your sparkle. Dream big, my friends, dream big. 


Time to pump up your workouts!

MAX Trainer, Steve, takes you through a heavy volume routine that targets your chest and triceps. Get ready to feel the burn and love every minute of it!