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Win or Lose

What looks like a loss may be the very event which is subsequently responsible for helping to produce the major achievement of your life.
— Srully Blotnick

Over the weekend, we had an important tournament, a tournament my athlete needed to win. However, despite all of her preparation and hard work, she just did not win. How I hurt for her because I know how she is feeling. That sinking feeling, deep in your stomach. You feel so lost, so confused. You worked so hard, everything in your life revolved around this event, only to have it all disappear. I have been there....probably more times than I want to admit.  

Athletes are not the only ones who go through defeat. Losses happen to us all, and sometimes, no matter how much we want it and how hard we work for it, we just do not succeed. Know this- you are not alone. It is not the loss that determines your failure but how you handle your loss. When I look back, I realize some of my greatest moments followed my most devastating defeats!

So to those who experience a loss, do not bring home the gold, are defeated, I can only offer these few words of comfort- keep trying, never give up, your time will come! Make this your pinnacle moment to strive to achieve something even greater! Remember this feeling when things get tough and the journey seems impossible. Win or lose, your effort is never in vain. Keep pushing on....something amazing awaits.

Find a hill, a mountain, or even a bridge and get ready to torch some major calories! Watch the video for a full demonstration of this awesome workout. 

"Uphill Insanity"

You will need 7 landmarks spaced about 20 yards apart. We used light posts, but telephone poles, mailboxes, or even trees work great.

  • Sprint to the 7th farthest landmark
  • Sprint to the 6th farthest landmark
  • Backpedal to the 5th
  • Backpedal to the 4th
  • Lunge to the 3rd
  • Duck walk to the 2nd
  • Bunny hop to the 1st

Walk or jog back to start after each one.