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Fit for the Holidays

November is here! Bring on the colder weather, pumpkin pie, bonfires, yoga pants, hot cocoa, and holiday cheer! It is that time of year where the food is rich and the celebrations are plentiful! Sadly, it is also that time where our waistlines tend to suffer. Well, not this year, not this time! 

During my sport days, it always seemed there was a huge event scheduled right after the holidays. Go figure. I somehow had to stay in tip-top shape and even sometimes had to LOSE weight to make a lower weight class. But, this being my favorite time of the year, I refused to ever sacrifice the joys and pleasures of the season. With a few adjustments, I successfully stayed on weight while still delighting in casseroles, Christmas cookies, and pumpkin spice lattes! 

All that is good and wonderful about the holidays can surely lead to a few extra pounds. But, no worries. We have a fool proof plan to keep off the weight gain while still enjoying the indulgences of the season! In addition, you will develop a health and fitness regimen that will take you into the New Year!  Join us for the next few weeks as we get Fit for the Holidays!

Bad knees? Mobility issues? Want to do something different? Our first workout of the holiday season is a tough lower body workout without any squats or jumping!

 "Bottom Burner"

Watch the video for exercise demonstrations, as well as, beginner and advanced modifications.

Part 1- 

  • 50 Side Leg Raises
  • 25 Leg Circles (each way)
  • 50 Inner Thigh Leg Raises

Switch Sides and Repeat

Part 2-

  • 25 Glute Raises
  • 25 Diagonal Glute Raises
  • 25 Side Glute Raises

Switch Sides and Repeat

Part 3- 

  • 50 Swimmers
  • 50 Flutter Kicks

Part 4- 

  • 25 Hip Raises
  • 25 Single Leg Hip Raises (each side)