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Hug a Veteran

The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude
— Jeff Miller

In November, we eat, drink, and be merry. But most importantly, we give thanks. Today is Veteran's Day. On this day, we honor those who have served and fought for our freedoms and those who are currently serving to protect our freedoms.

Thank you Coach for your service!

Thank you Coach for your service!

The sacrifice of these men and women is worth more than one day, their bravery is worth more than a parade, their courage more than a quick status update, their valor more than a day off from work. Our veterans deserve our gratitude each and every day. When you see a serviceman, whether past or present, remember to say thanks, buy them a drink, shake their hand, and say a prayer for their safety.

Our heroes courageously fought, some laying down their lives to protect our country. For those lucky enough to return home, the battle is not over. For many, it is just the beginning. Our freedoms are not free, they come at an overwhelming cost. Hug a veteran today.

Together, we are getting Fit for the Holidays! In honor of our brave military men and women, our very own veteran, Steve, has chosen us a military-inspired workout!


  • Run 1/2 mile (800 meters)
  • 2 minutes of Pull-Ups
  • 2 minutes of Squats
  • 2 minutes of Push-ups
  • 2 minutes of Swimmers


For exercise demonstrations and modifications of the pull-up, squat, and push-up, please view our video here.