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Find Your Inner Strength

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.
— Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

In our recent travels to Italy, Becca and I toured the ancient ruins of Rome. So much history lied in those crumbling walls, history that would change the world! The conquering emperors, the religious influences, the brilliant artists, philosophers, was an incredible tour that ended at the magnificent Colosseum! 

I must admit it, I am a Roman history nerd, especially when it comes to the gladiators! What it must have been like to fight for your life, for your freedom, for glory and honor! How does one become victorious, overcoming unspeakable adversities, debilitating injuries, wild beasts, and possible death? 

As an athlete, and one that works with athletes, I have found that it isn't always the strongest, the fastest, or the most talented athlete that wins. What sets the winner apart from the others? Look past the countless hours of training and beyond the sweat and tears. Look deep inside and you will find the answer- inner strength. It pushes you past your comfort zone, picks you up when you fall down, fights off the negativity, and tells you to keep going when you want nothing more than to quit! 

You have the power to accomplish anything! You are a winner, a champion, a gladiator! Dig deep and find your inner strength.

This week, I challenge you to push yourself a little bit farther, try a little bit harder, go a little bit longer. Your additional efforts will not go unnoticed, resulting in both physical and mental improvements! Visit our MAX Workouts page and get started today. You GET what you GIVE!