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Great Things Never Come Easy

Never give up without a fight. Never think you aren’t good enough. Never let others get to you, but try your hardest in everything you do even though you may feel as though you’ll never succeed or constantly fail. The great things in life never come easy.
— Unknown

Eventually, we reach a point in our lives when things are no longer easy. As we grow, so do our responsibilities, our challenges, and our fears.  Life just gets tough. Sure, there are easier paths and shortcuts available, but  these avenues never lead to anything worthwhile. Great things- success, pride, love, to name a few- come to those who put in the time and the work and the heart. 

This past weekend, a few of our athletes competed at the US Nationals Qualifier. At this level, there are no more easy tournaments, no more easy fights. Some days I wish they could catch a break, get the luck of the bracket or a lesser skilled opponent. They work so hard, sacrifice many things, and encounter numerous challenges at such a young age. Honestly, it would be much easier if they just played recreational sports or even better, sat on the couch all day and played video games. At least in these scenarios, everyone wins. But instead, when their doubt arises, when they seek an easier path, when they feel defeated, I remind them of the prize that awaits them. 

The great things in life are tough to accomplish. We have to work hard, give it our best fight, and silence all the doubt and fear. You could always give up, take the shortcuts, and hope for the best, or you could give it your all and know the best will come. The choice is yours. 

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