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The Best Inexpensive Home Workout Equipment

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There are very few things in life that are free. Lucky for us all, working out is one of them! At MAX Training, we pride ourselves on providing workouts that require no equipment and no gym membership! However, if you do want to mix up your training routine or are looking to create a cost-effective home gym, here is our recommended list.


Exercise Bands

These little guys are super cheap, take up virtually no space, and can be used for a variety of exercises! Exercise bands range in both length and resistance. We recommend a longer band with handles (you can find these at any store that sells sports equipment for around $10-$20) and mini bands (you can buy the set we own here ). Exercise bands are also perfect for traveling!


Check out our latest workout video using just a mini band. Head to toe, fat-burning workout for just a few dollars!



Jump Rope 

In Rebecca's eyes, this trumps all cardio equipment! Maybe it takes her back to the good ol' days of skipping rope on the playground, or maybe it is the high calorie-crushing workout it provides. Either way, you can get them for just a few dollars at almost any store. We definitely recommend a speed rope over any other variety. Buyers Beware- There is no reason to spend over $10 for a jump rope! Trust us, that fancy, adjustable, lifetime guarantee CrossFit rope is no better than your basic speed rope. Rebecca has had her jump rope since the 5th grade (that's right- 5th grade!) An inexpensive, high quality jump rope we use at our gym can be found here.


Grab a jump rope and get ready to crush some major calories!




This classic strength training equipment is known for its muscle-building and fat-blasting ability! Who wouldn't want that in their gym? Unfortunately, the sporting companies know how valuable the dumbbell is and, therefore, hike up the cost to $1-$2 a pound! Not exactly cheap. But, if there is one thing we know, it is how to get a good deal! First off, this is not something you want to buy new. A fancy, rubber, pink 10 pound weight is just as effective as a rusty, used 10 pound weight. 10 pounds is 10 pounds! Check out your local garage sales, online selling sites, and thrift stores. If you are lucky enough to have a Play it Again store in your area, they sell used dumbbells for a fraction of the cost. Next, there is very little reason to get an entire set of dumbbells. Grab a lighter pair and a heavier pair and you are good to go! However, if you do desire new and shiny things, we recommend this dumbbell set with rack. Bonus- Dumbbells can easily be used for kettlebells!


Nothing but gainz with this upper body workout! All you need is a pair of dumbbells.



Stability Ball

Also known as a Swiss Ball or Yoga Ball, this simple equipment takes everyday exercises and adds the difficulty of stabilizing your body. On one of our first dates, Rebecca convinced me to try a workout on a stability ball. As a "manly" man just out of the military service, I was reluctant to try a piece of equipment meant for girls...I was sore for three days and never questioned my future wife ever again! For around $10-20 here, you too can experience an incredible workout with a stability ball!


Holy Hammies is right! Achieve a strong, lean backside with this stability ball burnout.



Free Equipment

Nothing is cheaper than free! We believe ANYONE can workout ANYWHERE with ANYTHING. So, grab a chair, pick up a couple water bottles, use a bench, head to the park, and go workout! Get creative and have some fun. Check out our MAX Workouts page for tons of ideas using household items or inexpensive equipment. 

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