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Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.
— Napoleon Hill

I did it! I finally finished another semester of school. It took two extensions, months of late night papers, and an entire week of cramming for finals, but I did it. Usually at this point, I have an overwhelming feeling of relief and accomplishment. But usually, I do not put myself through such stress....such unnecessary stress. I work better under pressure, always have. But this time, I almost did not make it. Maybe it is my competitive nature, maybe it is my need to do a million things at once, or maybe, just maybe, I  did not give my best effort.

Wow.The truth really can hurt sometimes, but it is good for me to hear it. I can say as much as I want that I was busy and overloaded with things that needed to be done.  All of this is very true, but if I were to be totally honest with myself, I put my schoolwork on the back burner and placed higher priority on things that probably could, and should, have waited.

I love this motivational quote by Nike!

I love this motivational quote by Nike!

I find myself sounding like my mother more and more these days. At the gym the other day, I told one of my students, "When mom says it is time to go, it is time to go. Not 'later,' not 'hold on,' but now." Such simple advice, and yet, I am probably the biggest offender. You see, when we really want something, we are quick to get up and do it. But, when something is hard or not as fun, we tend to make any and every excuse to get out from doing it.

Starting a fitness routine, getting back on track with your weight loss program, signing up for a big race, finally getting around to quitting smoking, all tend to be set aside for some other time. "I will do it when I have time." "Eventually, I will get around to it." I will start on Monday." No more excuses! There are seven days in the week and SOMEDAY is not one of them. 

I know how hard it is. I get it. But, today, you will begin what you have been putting off. Today you will finish your goals. This is the day you will look back on and be thankful you went for it. Today. Not tomorrow. Not someday. Today. 

"Killer Kombos"

2 to 4 rounds of:

  • 10x Burpee, 2 Spidermans, Tuck Jump Combo

  • 10x 4 Mountain Climbers, 2 Grasshoppers Combo

  • 10x Side Burpee, 2 Abductions, Heel-to-Butt Combo (alternate sides each time)

  • 10x 4 Reverse Crunches, 2 Straight Leg Roll-ups Combo