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Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.
— H.L. Hunt


It seems as we age our priorities change. Now, our days are filled with endless hours of work- house work, school work, office work. I wonder, however, if our priorities have really changed or if we have just lost the ambition to chase our dreams.

If we really want it, we can make time for it. We make time for work because we want to pay our bills and provide for our families. We make time for school because we want to achieve a degree and pursue a career.  So why are we unable to make time for ourselves? We push our hobbies to the side leaving scrapbooks unfinished and woodworking tools untouched. We hang up our athletic dreams, forgoing our gym memberships and watching our equipment collect dust. Our travel plans consist of liking photos on Facebook and following travel enthusiasts on Instagram. Read a book, take a nap, soak in the bathtub? Who has time for that nonsense?

You do.

Priorities are our decisions. We make the list of what is important to us. Take a good look at your list and see what needs to be changed. The world will not end if the dishes wait. The kids will survive if they eat a microwavable dinner. It is okay if you do not check your office email on the weekends. Priorities. Decide what is important to you and go get it. No more excuses. Make the time.

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