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"Short & Sweet" September Challenge- Week 4

We are in the final stretch of our "Short & Sweet" Challenge! For the past 21 days we created better eating habits, made physical activity a daily routine, and developed a healthy lifestyle that will last well beyond the challenge. 

Steve and I are so proud of all you have accomplished thus far, and we look forward to all the incredible things that are yet to come. Let's finish this challenge with a bang! You GET what you GIVE!

Workout #1- "Crazy Combos"

Workout #2- "Upper Body Supersets"    This workout requires weight equipment. You can always pick a "No Equipment Necessary" workout from our MAX Workouts page. 

Workout #3-  "Intervals of 4"

Workout #4- Go for a 15 run and finish with the "100 Leg Lift Variety" Burnout

Workout #5- "Ball Burpee Battle"   This workout can be done with or without a medicine ball.