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"Short & Sweet" September Challenge- Week 3


We have reached the halfway point of our Fitness Challenge! Congratulations to all of our challenge participants for making it this far- every day is a victory! Research suggests that it takes 21 days to make a habit. At the end of this week, each one of you will have done something far bigger than just losing weight, you will have developed a healthy habit, a routine, a lifestyle! 

This week, try to focus on your nutrition. Steve and I follow an 80/20 rule. 80% of our diet is healthy, nutritious whole foods, while the remaining 20% is available for our favorite treats. For example, last night we enjoyed grilled chicken and asparagus, then treated ourselves with my mother's homemade cookies (soooo good!) 

Honestly, how is your nutrition? Is there room for improvement? Maybe swap out your morning bowl of cereal for an egg omelet and side of fruit. Still grabbing lunch on the go? Give yourself five extra minutes in the morning to pack something nutritious and delicious! Small adjustments lead to big results. So, take a close look and start tweaking your diet. You have been busting your butt with these workouts, now it is time for your body to show off all those lean muscles! Abs are made in the kitchen.

Please continue to post and tweet about your progress. We love to hear your feedback and want to know if you need a little extra encouragement! Also, be sure to add #ShortandSweetChallenge to your posts for a chance to win great prizes at the end of the challenge. Here we go!

Workout #1- "Buns & Guns"

Workout #2- "Tabata Time!"  The end of this workout uses a resistance band, but you can use dumbbells, cans of soup, or whatever is lying around the house ☺

Workout #3- "The Mailman"  If running is not your thing, try to get 20 minutes of cardio in- go for a bike ride, swim some laps, or jump on the elliptical. 

Workout #4- "21's"  This workout requires weight equipment. 

Workout #5- Your choice! Pick one of your favorite workouts or choose a new one. Click here to see our "Short & Sweet" workouts.