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How to Lose Weight on Vacation

Vacations are a wonderful thing. We use them to relax, to explore new places, to visit family and friends, and to entertain the kids. Vacations are for making memories, not gaining weight. Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

A few years ago (okay, more like 7), I received an invitation to my 10 year class reunion. I was bummed to see it was to be held just days after we returned from a two week cruise. Two weeks of unlimited trips to the buffet were not going to fare well on our waistlines. But, who wants to spend their vacation worrying about their weight? Not me, that is for sure. Luckily, this was not my first rodeo. I had spent the majority of my life with some tournament or another occurring right after vacation, so I was prepared for the challenge. With just a few tweaks to our vacation routine, Steve and I not only maintained our weight, but lost weight (1 pound for me, 3 for Steve). The best part- we enjoyed every minute of our cruise...and every bite too!

Here are a few tips to keep the weight off during vacation:

  • Pack healthy snacks. Long travel days can lead to mindless munching. Steer clear of airport or convenient store options by packing nutritious snacks instead. Trail mix, fruit, or granola bars are easy to grab on the go.
  • Walk everywhere. Beyond the calorie-burning benefits, walking is one of the best ways to see the sights! Plus, no cab fares, locating bus stops, or figuring out subway routes! 
  • Take the stairs. Skip the elevator and work those glutes! Unless we are carrying luggage, Steve and I always take the stairs. It is a little tough at first, but by the end of the trip you will be racing to the top!
  • Avoid fast food. Take advantage of the local cuisine and explore new flavors. Find fresh markets or ask the locals for their favorite places to dine, then sit down and savor every bite!
  • Fill your day with fun, physical activities. Hike through the mountains, kayak down the river, bike ride around the city, run the local parks, swim with the kids, or join a game of beach volleyball, just get active!  How incredible would it be to run beside Niagara Falls, climb to the top of the Mayan ruins, or take the family skiing down the slopes of Colorado? Now, those are memories!


  • Pack a lunch. A few years ago, we discovered you could bring your own food into Disney World. What a huge difference it made on both our wallets and our waistlines! When we were ready for a break, we found a beautiful spot and had a little picnic in the middle of the park! This is also a perfect plan for daytime excursions where food may be hard to find, such as long hikes in the mountains or exploring National parks. 
  • Workout in the morning. Cruise ships, hotels, and resorts are now catering to the fitness world with state of the art equipment, group classes, running trails, personal trainers, or even daytime passes to a nearby gym.  Check out our MAX Workouts page for tons of workouts you can do in your hotel room, fitness center, park, beach, anywhere! 
  • Relax. Stress can wreck havoc on your body that all the exercise in the world can not fix. Never forget why you are on vacation- to relax and rejuvenate! Lay out by the pool, meditate, soak in the tub, sip on some wine, and enjoy your stress-free vacation!

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