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When In Rome...

We are in Rome, Italy for the week, walking in the streets where Caesar walked, standing where the Gladiators fought to the death, and saying a prayer surrounded by Michelangelo's magnificent works of art! So much history and beauty in one city, we can only hope to squeeze it all in during our stay. 

I know many people forgo their workout regimen while traveling, but I am the opposite. I use my workouts as a way to experience my surroundings. How many can say they hiked in the gorgeous Swiss mountains or ran on the Great Wall of China?! Plus, by getting in my sweat sessions, I do not bring home a few extra pounds with my souvenirs!

This morning, Steve and I joined many of the locals and ran the magnificent Spanish Steps. You know what they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do!"  Maybe tomorrow we will train like the never know what adventures your travels may bring!

Check out our latest training video from the Spanish Steps in Rome! This is the ULTIMATE stair workout, including some of my favorite stair and bleacher drills. Watch the video and get ready to burn some major calories!