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Challenge Finale!

Congratulations! You all are awesome and do not forget it!

You committed to something, worked towards a goal, tried your best, gave your all, pushed through the obstacles, and came out a winner! We are so proud of all of our challenge participants. Now, the REAL challenge begins...

While the challenge may be over, it is not time to give up and go back to your previous routine. We are still here for you, still posting videos, still listening to you, and still going to do everything possible to ensure you reach your every goals! Many of our challenge participants found the accountability of "checking in" with us each week helped them stay committed and motivated to workout. We also have provided additional workout plans for those that have asked. Just let us know what you need and we will do our very best to help.

We leave you today with this new challenge- to keep up with your daily workouts and nutritional meal plans. Consistency is key. Remember, you can visit our MAX Workouts page (click here) or our YouTube channel (click here) at anytime for tons of workouts to fit all fitness levels and abilities. Even a simple daily walk provides tremendous health benefits. As far as your meal plans, remember the 80/20 rule. Aim for at least 80% of your meal choices to be whole, nutritious foods, while leaving the remaining 20% for treats. This simple formula keeps you on track without depriving you of your guilty pleasures!

Thanks again for joining our challenge and keep an eye out for our annual tips and tricks for surviving the holidays! You GET what you GIVE!