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Fit & Fabulous February!

We are excited to announce our first challenge of the year- The Fit & Fabulous February Challenge! 

Challenges are the perfect way to kick start your fitness goals. Together, we will support, encourage, and motivate one another to do our very best, never quit, and make it to the very end. So, don't quit those resolutions just yet. The Fit & Fabulous February Challenge includes 28 days of calorie-blasting workouts, weight loss tips, and great prizes! Are you ready?

Here's how it works...

  • Join the Fit & Fabulous February Challenge here and on Facebook (Not sure if we are Facebook buddies? Click here to follow us) 
  •  Perform the challenge requirements. Don't worry, we have workouts for all ability levels.
  • For those of you willing to share your results with your MAX family, we have some great prizes for you! Just take a "Before" picture prior to beginning the challenge and note your goals- weight loss, fit in your new jeans, improve athletic performance, get stronger, better balance, etc. Then, following completion of the challenge, take an "After" picture and note your amazing results! 
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It is that simple! Get ready for a better version of you! The challenge starts February 1st, so join today.