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Sorry, I have been so behind on posting. I have a confession to make- I am a procrastinator. A habitual, wait to the last second, oh my word, I'll never get it done in time, procrastinator. Yep, that is me. In fact, right now, I am up to my old tricks again. I have less than two weeks to finish about a month's worth of schoolwork.

Did I tell you I was back in school? My competitive side keeps me from ever settling. When one goal is complete, I immediately begin my next adventure. So, fast forward to the present, and here I am, frantically trying to hold two jobs while being a full-time student. What was I thinking?  

Anything and everything fitness-related fascinates me. The human body is an amazing thing! The way our bodies adapt to training, how they react to various foods, what they are able to accomplish, we are capable of such incredible things. I want nothing more than to inspire and help others to reach any goal that they may dream. I want my athletes to reap the greatest benefits from sport, I want to give fitness and nutritional advice that is factual and backed by science, and I want to pass on my knowledge and experience to any and all who are willing to listen. Maybe my goals are a little far-fetched, but I am sure going to try my best to be the best!

Well, I have put off my homework long enough. I need to stay focused on the task at hand and concentrate on acing these exams. For the next week or so, I am going to be too busy to post new workout videos and fitness blogs....please don't think I am abandoning you! So, instead, I leave you with a CHALLENGE! You know you can't back down from a challenge!

Visit our MAX Workouts page for access to all of our workout videos!

Visit our MAX Workouts page for access to all of our workout videos!

For the next week, you are going to pick a daily workout by choosing from our MAX Workouts categories. Feel free to pick the workouts that are best for you. However, if you need help, I have provided an example workout plan including a variety of workouts that will have you fitting into those skinny jeans by the weekend! 

SUNDAY- Take It Outside- enjoy that fall weather and get a workout in before the big game! Try "Cardio Boost."

MONDAY- No Pain, No Gain- start your work week off with a bang! Try "21's."

TUESDAY- Warm Up,Cool Down- give your body a day to recover. Try "Massage Recovery."

WEDNESDAY- Partner Up- Get the motivation you need to get through the week by enlisting a training partner! Try "It Takes Two, Baby." 

THURSDAY- No Equipment Necessary- ditch the gym and workout anywhere! Try "Flip Your Fate." 

FRIDAY- Short and Sweet- get in a quick workout before you begin your weekend festivities! Try "Intervals of 4." 

SATURDAY- Rest and celebrate your hard work!!! 

Remember- you can always visit our MAX Workouts page for full access to all our workouts! Work hard, my MAX Training friends! I know you can do this. You GET what you GIVE!