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Too Good to be True

For those of you that are new to the site, we are taking a few weeks to discuss the latest fitness and nutrition trends. You know the old saying, "If it is too good to be true, then it probably is." We began with Detox Diets and Juice Cleanses, and today we tackle the fitness products that promise us toned abs, sculpted thighs, and chiseled arms with very little work and no change to our diets. Oh boy...this is going to be fun!

Once again, I would like to begin by saying that I have been there. The world of marketing never ceases to amaze me! I am astonished that anyone would buy such a thing. Yet, I myself, have fallen victim to the hype. You put a celebrity on there, show me some random "scientific" study, and post a few before and after pictures and I am hooked- who do I make the check out to? But in reality, we all know better...or at least we should.

A few days ago, Steve and I were completely baffled by a commercial for the Tummy Tuck Belt. Have you seen this one? Do you secretly own this product?  The product claims to burn away belly fat in just 10 minutes without any diet or exercise. The belt is made of a space-age material and comes with a gel that ignites a fat burning chain reaction that continues to burn fat as you go about your day! It gets better! If you do the provided 2 minute ab exercises while wearing the belt, you will increase your results by double! All this for only 3 payments, no wait, they slashed the price to only 2 payments of $19.99!

I am just counting down the days for the very busy FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to pull this off the shelf. Space-age material? Try spandex and nylon. Thermal accelerating cream? Two whole minutes of crunches for twice the results? This is beyond ridiculous. Your body just does not work like that. Sorry. Weight loss, fat loss, muscular gains, training adaptations- they all take time and effort.

Fitness products and their deceptive promises are everywhere, and sadly, we are buying them. A lot of them- like a multi-billion dollar industry- lot of them! From the Shake Weight, to Toning Shoes, to Electric Shock Ab Belts, to Power Balance Bracelets, we are buying them, and then selling them in our next yard sale. They just do not work. Come on, admit it, you bought a pair of Toning Shoes. We all walked around, balancing on those curved soles, hoping to tone our legs and butt without stepping on an elliptical or doing a single lunge. It's okay. You weren't the only one. Over a billion dollars of Toning Shoes were sold before the FTC forced the footwear companies to refund millions of dollars in a false-claim settlement.

Save your money. No, the Shake Weight will not give you the perfectly toned arms you desire. However, they are the perfect gag gift for your office Christmas Party! A bracelet will not give you peace and balance, but a yoga class just might. You can not spot-train your abs in 8 minutes, nor will your buns turn into steel (I tried it, doesn't work). But, a well-rounded resistance training program will do wonders! 

If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Join a gym, watch our videos, hire a personal trainer, just don't buy another "magic" product. Healthy lifestyle changes are a process. You GET what you GIVE. 

Sometimes, we buy these ineffective products because we are too busy to make it to the gym and like the idea of a product that works in just a few minutes! We have the perfect workouts made just for busy people like you! Our Short and Sweet workouts are all under 20 minutes. While they are short on time, they are anything but short in effectiveness! View our videos here.