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I Want it Now!

The obsession with instant gratification blinds us from our long-term potential.
— Michael Dooley

In a world where we can download any song, movie, or book in an instant, it is no wonder we expect the same immediate result from our fitness goals. Unfortunately, beyond dangerous surgical procedures, there is nothing fast about weight loss. Losing fat, building muscle, training adaptations- they all take time. It is a process. A slow, but satisfying process that takes commitment, consistency, and patience. I would love to sugar coat it and make you all these ridiculous claims and promises, but that is just not my style. I am here to tell you the truth, to give you the best advice I can possibly give, and to support and encourage you along the way! 

Between television, print ads, and social media, it is apparent that the quicker the promised results, the more popular the item, workout, or diet. Our busy lives are catered to with fast food, quick communication, speed dating, single-click vacation planning, and more! Our need for instant gratification tends to overcome our better judgement. And why should it not? This world is all about doing the impossible! If we can walk on the moon, perform surgery with lasers, and drive cars on an electric charge, then why can we not take a pill and look fabulous by the weekend! Unfortunately, you are being misled. 

For the next few weeks, Steve and I will be addressing the latest "get fit quick" fitness trends and offer some long-term solutions that will bring lasting results. Weight loss is a process. Like a fine wine, some of the greatest things take time. There are no shortcuts. You GET what you GIVE! 


Today, we will revisit one of my favorite workouts- The Roller Coaster! We did this workout a few days ago at our adult MAX Training class and were definitely feeling the burn! Just for fun, I added the Pretzel Squat Burnout at the end of the class. You can view the killer leg burnout here