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I will prepare and some day my chance will come.
— Abraham Lincoln

It didn't take me long to realize the last two weeks had nothing to do with me. The tournament, the trip, the experience, the emotions, the results, none of it was about me. That is how it should be. I would not want it any other way.

I entered the arena and joined the other USA team members. I was surrounded by young, talented, up and coming athletes. They appeared nervous, seemingly overwhelmed, and they had every right to be. International tournaments are a huge deal, an incredible experience most athletes only ever dream about attending! I have been there before, I know what they are going through. The countless hours of training, missing school dances and football games, the injuries and setbacks, the relentless preparation that all leads to this one event...

I can only offer these simple words- your chance will come. Whether today, tomorrow, or a few years from now, it will come. I promise. I left just as many tournaments empty-handed as I did wearing a medal. Success is a process. A long, difficult process full of ups and downs. Never give up. You have worked so hard, and sacrificed so much. Do not envy your peers as they party, hang out at the beach, and tweet about boys. You are on a different path, one that is truly special. My greatest memories were not at any party, they were just like now, sitting in an arena with my teammates, cheering "USA!"

So, to my amazing little champions, and to all of you who are out there setting goals and aspiring to be more- continue to prepare, continue to work hard, continue to dream. Your chance will come to show the world what you can do. 


"Bench Body Blast"

  • 10x- Incline Push-up Combo
  • 30 seconds each leg- Rear Elevated Lunge
  • 10x- Step-up Combo
  • 30 seconds each leg- Rear Elevated Lunge
  • 10x- Decline Push-up Combo
  • 30 seconds each leg- Rear Elevated Lunge
  • 10x- Squat Jump Combo
  • 30 seconds each leg- Rear Elevated Lunge

Try to complete in under 15 minutes, but always aim for quality technique over finishing time. Repeat if desired.