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There is Hope

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a vivid imagination that leads to some unrealistic expectations. I was definitely growing up to be a princess... or a rock star. I knew for sure that I would find buried treasure if I just kept digging. Of course, prom was going to be pure magic, the greatest night of my life! And as all girls should, I expected my future husband to be the perfect blend of Prince Charming and G.I. Joe. Okay, I got lucky on that last one...but besides that, you can see I had a tendency to set myself up for disappointment. Nevertheless, I continue to hope.

We are searching for a new home right now. Obviously, I have already drawn the plans, picked out the curtains, and envision myself sitting on my front porch looking out towards my white, picket fence, watching my ideal 2.5 children play. Yep, I am just asking for disappointment, and today my perfect little bubble was popped! My dream home existed, just nowhere near my budget. In fact, nothing that even resembled my "home sweet home" was a possibility. Oh well, a girl can dream. A girl should dream. We all should dream! It is with these dreams, there is a glimpse of hope. A majestic rainbow after the storm. A dawn after the night. A new door that opens after one closes. Disappointment is temporary, but hope is forever. Never stop dreaming.


Lower Body Blast-

Today's workout is a combination of some of our best signature Burnouts! Put them together for a fun (yet incredibly difficult) lower body challenge! 

  • "Holy Hammies" Burnout- view workout here 
  • "Pretzel Squat" Burnout- view workout here 
  • "Bootilicious" Burnout- view workout here