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Refuse to Quit

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.
— Napolean Hill

We all are faced with the opportunity to persevere in one way or another. When the moment comes- will we take it, or will we quit? In the last few days, I have witnessed three individuals who were faced with that very question... 

Recently, I brought my Taekwondo athletes to a cross-training with a few other gyms in our area to prepare for their upcoming State Championship. I was watching a sparring match between two female teenagers. Both were excellent fighters, but one was at a great size disadvantage. She was losing 0-5, however, she kept fighting, determined to catch up. No matter what she did, she just couldn't score on the taller opponent. With seconds remaining, her fate seemed inevitable, but instead of letting the time expire, she took one more chance and scored a beautiful head kick worth three points. We all were slightly stunned by the kick, including her opponent, and before we could blink, she scored another head kick! Time was up, the match was over, and she won 6-5! 

As I made my way over to watch my youth athletes, I saw one of my students limping over to his water. I watched him for a little bit to see what he would do next- cry to his mom, mope in the corner, sit out....none of the above. He took a quick drink of his water and then limped back to the other kids and began another match. He had a cramp in his calf, but he never complained and never stopped, although he had a valid excuse to quit. In fact, as the day went on, it seemed his injury fueled his determination. While he was slightly slower with that leg, he was adapting to his situation and thinking of new ways to score! 

The next day, I was sitting in the pew waiting for church to start when a lady from the congregation greeted me with a huge smile and a hug! She sat down next to me and said, "Watch this!" She quickly jumped to her feet. I was amazed, for you see, just a few weeks ago, she could barely stand up without assistance. Her knees are so bad, her only option left is surgery. An option she cannot take because she takes care of her husband. Having been the at-home physical therapist for Steve's three knee surgeries, I had suggested a few exercises for her to do to strengthen her knee. Not only had she been religiously doing the exercises on her own, she was steadily increasing the numbers and refusing to allow anyone to assist her in standing up! 

Sometimes we give things a valiant effort, but they just don't pan out. What then do we do? Do we quit? Try again later? Or do we push through, take a chance, knowing we still may not get the results we want? Never give up! It may not happen today, it may not happen tomorrow, but in the end, it will all be worth it! So, when things seem tough, with little chance of success, remember that effort only releases its full reward when you refuse to quit!

"Music Moves Me"

  • 1 song of Jump Rope
  • 1 song of Around-the World Lunges
  • 1 song of 10 Push-ups, 10 Dips

Repeat 3-5x

Watch video for full workout instructions.