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Partner Up

A buddy will keep you honest and add a dimension of fun to your workout.
— Bill Toomey, Olympic decathlon champion

It is the final week of our March Swimsuit Season Countdown! Through a series of small changes, we are getting closer to reaching our ultimate goals!

Small change #9- Get a training partner

You need a workout buddy...that's right...NEED. It is not that you cannot do it alone, it is just your chances of success are dramatically increased when you have a training partner! There are so many positive benefits of getting a training partner. Having someone to sweat with makes working out actually fun! Your workout buddy can check your exercise technique, "spot" you on those heavier lifts, and give you a boost on that last pull-up. Want to try a new workout? Having the courage to get tangled up in a yoga swing or battle the obstacles of a mud run is a lot easier with someone by your side. Let's be honest. A little friendly competition is only going to make you push harder, show up on time, and not cheat on that last set of sit-ups. 

Today's training video is a "Partner Up" workout. So grab a buddy and start sweating!

"Partner Push-Up Challenge"

Partner 1 performs 10 push-ups of choice while Partner 2 holds push-up position.

Partner 2 then attempts the "push-up challenge."

Next, Partner 2 chooses the type of push-up.

Continue for a preset amount of rounds or until unable to complete a challenge.