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Get Up and Finish

Falling in life is inevitable—staying down is optional.
— Carrie Johnson, two-time Olympian

Some of the greatest moments to emerge from the Olympic Games are inspired by those that come in last. They may crash, fall, trip, or get injured, but they still finish. 

In the 1992 Games, Derek Redmond, a favorite to medal in the 400 meter, fell to the track in pain as he tore his hamstring during the race. Determined to finish, he got up and began to hobble around the track. His dad pushed through security to help his son. Together, they finished the race. 

In 1968, Micki King was leading in the three meter springboard event when she hit the diving board and broke her arm. Despite the pain, she completed her final dive. While she did not medal that year, she finished, and four years later she returned to the 1972 Olympics and won the gold medal.

The Sochi Games are not yet complete, but a story that emphasizes both determination and sportsmanship has already unfolded. Russian cross-country skier, Anton Gafarav, had fallen and broken his ski. He was trying with all his might to finish the race, but was looking as though he may not be able to cross the finish line. From the sidelines, a Canadian ski coach rushed to his aid with a spare ski.  Gafarav finished dead last. But, with the help of a stranger, he finished, and sometimes, that is all that matters. 

When an athlete falls, it seems like an eternity...will they get up, should they get up, are they hurt, or just their pride. But then the most amazing thing happens, they rise to their feet and they finish. We are all going to fall at some point in our life. What happens next is up to you. Get up and finish.

"Intervals of 4"

Each Exercise:

4 Rounds of 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off (4 minutes)

  • Plank Jacks
  • Lunge Touchdown with Knee Skips
  • Squat Jacks with Cross Knee Combo
  • Hip Raises