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Light the Fire

Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and keep it lit.
— Mary Lou Retton, Five-time Olympic Medalist

During the cold, winter months, we bundle up around the fire and enjoy the warmth that radiates from it's crackling flames. Oh, how we love a fire. But, building a fire is an art. Fire is dependent on the materials you find, the way you construct it, the atmosphere conditions, and of course, just getting it lit. Once you create your magnificent fire, one must keep the flames going or it will fizzle out and you will be cold once again.  

There is a passion, a need, a desire for something in all of us. This is our fire! But, remember, building the fire is an art. Our fire is dependent on our dedication, our goal-driven mindset, our surrounding support system, and of course, just getting started. Once our journey has begun, we must work hard to keep it going until we have reached our ultimate goal. Winds will blow, our wood will diminish, and things will creep in trying to blow out our fire. Do not let these obstacles interfere with your magnificent creation! 

Find your fire and keep it lit! 

"Kettlebell Circuit"

3-5 Rounds:

  • 1 min. Kettlebell Swings
  • 1 min. Sumo Squats and Upright Rows
  • 1 min. Right Arm Swings
  • 1 min. Right Leg Deadlifts
  • 1 min. Left Arm Swings
  • 1 min. Left Leg Deadlifts
  • 1 min. Alternating Arm Swings
  • 1 min. Front Squats