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Want to Get Ahead? Stop Looking Back.

Tomorrow, I leave with one of my athletes to the biggest tournament of her sport career. She has trained so hard, maintaining complete focus even through the holidays. Yet, something seems wrong. My normally strong, confident, determined athlete, now appears defeated. I ask what is on her mind, and her following words broke my heart, "I am so tired of coming up short. I just want to win." How crushing it was to see someone I love, who pours her heart and soul into every bit of her training, be burdened by previous shortcomings.

Sometimes, no matter how much effort we put forth into the future, we are unable to shake the past. We are plagued with uncertainty, afraid of repeating failures. Maybe it was a past romance that ended in heart break, a series of diets that all lead to the same disappointing result, rejection letters, getting cut from the team, or falling short of the podium. Unfortunately, this little doubt that creeps in can be detrimental to our success. We must let it go. All that matters is now. This is your year! 

Nobody can go back quote.png

Why this year? Why will it be different this time?

This time you are going to fight for what you want, you are going to keep your eyes fixed on the prize that awaits, and most of all, you are never going to look back!  Who cares if you failed before? Your past does not define you, it shaped you. You are strengthened by your adversities, your losses, and your defeats. In this strength, you will find your courage. Your new ending begins now and nothing is going to stand in your way!