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Never Look Back

Tomorrow, I leave with one of my athletes to the biggest tournament of her sport career. She has trained so hard, maintaining complete focus even through the holidays. Yet, something seems wrong. I ask what is on her mind, and she tells me, "I am so tired of coming up short...I just want to win." 

You see, sometimes no matter how much effort we put forth in the future, we are unable to shake the past. Unfortunately, this little doubt that creeps in can be detrimental to our success. Let it go. All that matters is now. 2014 is your year! 

Why this year? Why is 2014 going to be different?

This year we are going to fight for what we want, we are going to keep our eyes fixed on the prize that awaits, and most of all, we are never going to look back!  Who cares if we failed before. So what if obstacles appear. Our new ending begins now and nothing is going to stand in our way!