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The Importance of Having a Happy Place

Don’t worry. Be happy.
— Bob Marley

Stress makes you fat. There, I said it. The dreaded "F" word. It was going to come out eventually. Stress can also make you tired, sick, depressed, anxious, shall I go on... 

Unfortunately, there is no quick, easy cure for stress. We all must find the best way to cope with our worries. Avoiding it would be nice, but highly unlikely. Doing yoga, getting a massage, having lunch with a friend, going for a run, praying, taking a walk at the beach, watching the sunrise over the mountains - all are stress relievers. All can be “happy places” we can go to breathe, relax, and replace our negative feelings with positive, calming emotions. What is important is finding what works for you. Mine is the piano.

Oh, the sweet sound of the piano. My mother is the greatest pianist the world has ever known (okay, maybe I am a little bias, but few, if any, would argue with me on this one). I spent my entire childhood listening to her play those ivory keys. Nothing mattered when the music began, it was just me, lost in the music. To this day, when things get a little tough, when I just need to get lost, I sit down to the piano. I am nowhere near as talented as her, but the music I manage to bang out has a magical effect on my stress levels. Find your happy place and go there often.

"Holyfield Circuit"

3 Rounds- 5 Minutes Each

Try to get through the circuit as many times as possible in 5 minutes!

  • Sprint 40 Yards

  • Back Pedal 40 Yards

  • 10 Tuck Jumps

  • Wheelbarrow Forward 10 Yards

  • Wheelbarrow Backward 10 Yards

  • Wheelbarrow Left 10 Yards

  • Wheelbarrow Right 10 Yards

  • 10 Explosive Push-ups

  • Carioca 40 Yards

  • Skip 40 Yards