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Take a Rest

Take a rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.
— Ovid

If you have been faithfully following and completing your workouts, then your legs feel like mine do right now! Your body has a way of telling you to rest. Sometimes your eyes get heavy, or maybe your muscles hurt, or you may even get sick. Listen to your body! Pushing through a workout will move you closer to your goals, but pushing yourself through physical exhaustion or pain is only going to set you back.

One of the greatest changes I had to make as an older athlete was placing a high importance on taking care of my body.Today's video shows a couple of post workout routines you should add to your training to aid in muscle recovery and rehabilitation.  Don't forget to join our community! Steve and I share our tips and tricks for getting in shape, eating healthy, pre and post workout snacks, motivational support, and more! So follow, subscribe, like, and pin your way to a healthy new you!